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Injury Treatment &
Documentation Experts

At Westside Physicians Clinic, we specialize in evaluating and treating injuries from motor vehible collisions. Our medical clinics are staffed with board certified doctors in physical medicine, rehabilitation, chiropractic, neurology and pain management.


Are you injured in a car accident?

At Westside Physicians Clinic, our team of experts will work with your personal injury lawyer to implement your care immediately. We have a unique system designed to maximize your recovery and settlement.

A comprehensive history is taken, and the patient is evaluated by the orthopedic surgeon. X-rays are taken and medication is prescribed for the initial period of pain and inflammation. The medical doctor refers the patient to the chiropractic doctor for physical medicine treatment. Both doctors confer to resolve conflicts, and establish goals and proper treatment for the patient. The chiropractor will follow closely any traumatic brain injury, and design a specific physical theraphy plan.

Our patients care and well-being starts in our state-of-the-art facility. They receive a thorough, comprehensive examination with digital radiography that continues with a three-phase plan. This plan combines medication management with physical medicine and comprehensive case management with options for MRI and surgery. Medical documentation is provided in a format that is effective input to claims evaluation software, such as Colossus, and effective as litigation support.

Our Team of Experts

Dr. W. Robert Morrow

Director of Physical Medicine
Clinic Administrator

Dr. Sara Goel

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Pain Management Specialist

Dr. Steven Inbody


Dr. Tomeka Mena

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Laura Truong

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Michelle Velez

Doctor of Chiropractic

Lisa Craig

Case Manager

Grant Ellis

Case Manager

Jeff Holtorf

Case Manager

Medical Services

Full Body Examinations
Documentation of All Injuries

Examination/Case Management by Board Certified Physician
Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation

Concussion Evaluation by
Board Certified Neurologist

Interventional Pain Management

Second Opinions

Depositions and Testimony

Comprehensive & Conclusive Reports


Three Phase Therapeutic
Exercise Program Managed
by Doctors of Chiropractic

Multiple Exercise Stations
for Specific Body Parts

Professional Level Weight
Training Equipment


Therapeutic Injections by
Fellowship Trained Physicians

EMG/Nerve Testing by
Board Certified Neurologist

Evaluation of Motor
Vehicle Dynamics by
Certified Collision Investigators

Prompt Referrals

Advanced Imaging
MRI, CT, Motion Studies


Spinal Consultations

Surgical Consultations

Dental Evaluations

Phychological Evaluations


MAIN LOCATION             
1) Westside Physicians Clinic
1160 Blalock Road
Houston, Texas 77055

2) Vigor Rehab
10039 Bissonnet Street, Suite 304
Houston, Texas 77046

3) Cypress Rehab
11325 Fallbrook Drive
Houston, Texas 77065

4) Q Injury Clinic
12136 Gulf Freeway
Houston, Texas 77034

The Injury Experts

Westside Physicians Clinic